IBM developed a 'magic bullet' to fight viral infections

IBM developed a 'magic bullet' to combat viral infections

IBM Analysis and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore have created a brand new chemical “macromolecule” that would assist within the struggle towards a variety of viral illnesses like Ebola, Zika, dengue fever, herpes and even influenza. The brand new chemical was “designed from the bottom up” to fight viruses in 3 ways: by stopping it from infecting wholesome cells, stopping the virus’s replication and eventually boosting the physique’s immune system to assist it battle the virus by itself.

Up to now, the brand new chemical has been efficient towards Ebola, dengue and herpes simplex when examined in a lab surroundings. However what makes this utterly new molecule a so-referred to as “magic bullet” is its means to struggle off the viruses no matter any mutations they naturally make over time. Zika, for instance, mutates quickly, making it notably troublesome to develop a vaccine to fight it. Whereas, IBM and IBN started their analysis earlier than the Zika outbreak reached “alarming proportions,” they hope to associate with a pharmaceutical firm quickly to check the chemical’s effectiveness towards the virus.

For now, nevertheless, the 2 teams are exploring methods to place their new chemical into shopper items like anti-viral wipes or a vaporized model that could possibly be utilized in hospitals to stop additional outbreaks.