Human Go Champion 'Speechless' After 2nd Loss to Machine

The human Go champion stated he was left "speechless" after his second straight loss to Google’s Go-enjoying machine on Thursday in a extremely-anticipated human versus machine face-off.

Lee Sedol, probably the greatest Go gamers on the earth with 18 world championships, was grim and ashen after the sport, which lasted greater than 4 hours.

"I am fairly speechless," he stated on the press convention that was livestreamed on YouTube. "It was a transparent loss on my half. From the start there was no second I assumed I used to be main."

The newest victory by AlphaGo over South Korea’s Lee places Google’s AlphaGo workforce one victory away from claiming the $1 million prize.


Human Go Champion 'Speechless' After 2nd Loss to Machine

Pc 1, Human zero as AlphaGo Wins First Recreation in Nice Go Problem zero:39

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If AlphaGo wins, the prize cash is to be donated to UNICEF, Go organizations and charities.

AlphaGo’s first win towards Lee, on Wednesday, shook the Go-enjoying world, marking a milestone within the improvement of synthetic intelligence.

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Tons of of hundreds of South Koreans, even those that don’t play the favored board recreation, adopted the video games on stay TV and on YouTube. All main native newspapers reported Lee’s loss on their entrance pages.

"2-yr-previous synthetic intelligence masters 5,000-yr-previous human Go," stated a headline within the Chosun Ilbo, South Korea’s most circulated day by day newspaper.

Many had believed it might take one other decade for computer systems to overcome the traditional Chinese language board recreation, some of the artistic video games ever devised and the one board recreation left to overcome after chess was mastered by computer systems in 1997. Go is far more complicated than chess.

Google’s group in contrast AlphaGo’s win to touchdown on the moon.