How the White Residence May Defend Itself from Drones

The Secret Service discovered a drone contained within the White Residence grounds early Monday morning after it landed in a tree. It was described by officers as a quadcopter — a small drone that is obtainable to anyone for decrease than $100. "What know-how do we have got to defend in the direction of this? Not slightly rather a lot correct now," Missy Cummings, director of the Individuals and Autonomy Lab at Duke School, suggested NBC Info. Merchandise like Drone Defend seek for the acoustic signature of small drones and supplies precise-time alerts when one is near your property. Within the midst of busy Washington D.C., it might want problem selecting out sounds, nevertheless luckily drones are so loud that the Secret Service should be able to hear them on their very personal. A device known as Cyborg Unplug seems for specific wi-fi signatures — say, from a drone or Google Glass — and immediately disconnects them, although that may be ineffective in the direction of drones managed with direct radio alerts. There’s moreover Rapere, a drone in enchancment which will hunt for various drones and disable them by dropping a tangle line into their rotors. In the long term, Cummings said, a digital digital camera system that tracks low-flying objects would perhaps be the right guess. Quadcopters are sluggish and fragile adequate that when observed, a Secret Service agent may merely use take one out with a rubber bullet.



— Keith Wagstaff
First revealed January 26 2015, eight:forty three AM