How cable networks velocity up exhibits to squeeze in additional advertisements

How cable networks speed up shows to squeeze in more ads

In case you’re nonetheless watching cable (and apparently we’re not), it seems that channels like TBS and TNT at the moment are rushing up syndicated packages, classics movies and different exhibits by as a lot as 7 %. The development was observed by Snopes and others, because of a consumer referred to as ITClassics who in contrast the identical episodes as aired now and years in the past. A Seinfeld episode that initially ran 25 minutes was almost 22 after the method, letting the broadcaster slot in about six additional spots. Because the WSJ identified, advertisements now run a mean of 15.eight minutes per hour on cable, and one unnamed cable exec stated that “it is a solution to maintain the income from taking place as a lot because the scores.”

As we have reported earlier than, cable and premium channels are dropping viewership to Netflix and different much less aggravating types of content material supply. As a way to make up for the misplaced income, TNT et. al. are rushing up syndicated exhibits like Seinfeld and Associates in a approach that is not too noticeable, letting them slot in a couple of extra advertisements per half hour. They’re additionally irritating basic film lovers by rushing up titles like the Wizard of Oz and King Kong (1933), giving the large ape a much less menacing growl. The stations could be squeezing out a number of extra bucks, however as some Redditors identified, they’re in all probability turning much more people away from cable.

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