Helmet that detects polluted air may also be a comic’s prop

Helmet that detects polluted air can also be a comedian's prop

Ever seen a horse pull its lips again to point out its entrance tooth? Appears hilarious, proper? Apparently, that is referred to as flehmen response, and animals do it to smell out chemical compounds — one thing designer Susanna Hertrich assume people may benefit from. Since we do not exhibit the conduct naturally, Susanna created a steampunk-meets-BDSM helmet that may bodily raise an individual’s lips. (Critically. Watch the video under the fold.) She calls it Jacobson’s Fabulous Olfactometer, and it is outfitted with sensors that may detect carbon dioxide within the air. The sensors then ahead the info to an Arduino board, and if it determines that CO2 ranges are dangerously excessive, the gears within the headset begin shifting to raise the hooks hooked up to the consumer’s higher lip. That is ostensibly so the consumer could be warned of extremely polluted air, however we will not assist however assume that it is simply to make individuals giggle whereas the air ruins everybody’s lungs.

By way of: Susanna Hertrich

Supply: The Creators Venture

Tags: artwork

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Helmet that detects polluted air can also be a comedian's prop

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