Google Buys .App Internet Space for $25 Million

The Net’s naming system is growing previous the traditional domains like .com and .org — and this week Google paid $25 million for ".app" in an public sale.

Google beat out a dozen rivals, along with Amazon, for the rights to .app. Lastly "Charleston Road Registry," the determine Google makes use of for its space registry, gained the .app space for a cool $25,001,000.

The world public sale is part of a years-prolonged effort by the the nonprofit group Net Firm for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which in 2011 accepted the enlargement of "generic prime-diploma domains" — each half to the becoming of the dot in an web deal with. So likelihood is you will shortly begin to see websites that end in .monetary establishment, .tech and .sport in its place of regular earlier .com and .biz.


— Julianne Pepitone
First revealed February 27 2015, 10:33 AM