Futuristic ‘Uncanny Valley’ Explores The Potential Unintended Penalties Of VR

Futuristic ‘Uncanny Valley’ Explores The Potential Unintended Consequences Of VR

As we dip our toes into digital actuality increasingly more every day, one might think about a far-off unintended consequence — the blurring of digital and precise actuality.

A brief movie referred to as “Uncanny Valley” explores that notion, with a little bit of an “Ender’s Recreation” plot and really feel. Right here’s the setup from its creator, Federico Heller.

Within the slums of the longer term, digital actuality junkies fulfill their violent impulses in on-line leisure. An skilled participant discovers that the road between video games and actuality is beginning to fade away. 3DAR’s newest brief movie explores the scary potential of our subsequent technological revolution. Behind the scenes coming quickly! Keep related, however not an excessive amount of ;)

It’s properly well worth the watch.

How far is just too far? How actual is just too actual?