Forge your personal actuality with Valve's free VR toolkit

Forge your own reality with Valve's free VR toolkit


To encourage some aspiring VR world builders, Valve is releasing a free set of digital actuality creation software program referred to as Locations Workshop. Included within the bundle are the identical Supply 2 engine instruments that Valve makes use of in-home and instance maps designed to assist creators discover ways to use them.

“Content material creators will be capable of use the Supply 2 recreation engine, the identical engine that Valve makes use of to create its personal video games and experiences, to create and share their very own worlds with the VR group utilizing the Locations Workshop,” Valve wrote. At launch, the toolkit additionally comes with some instance scenes created with photogrammetry — the method of reconstructing 3D areas from pictures.

The Locations are viewable in any headset supported by Valve’s personal OpenVR platform just like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. And, for enter, the Locations Viewer is suitable with movement-tracked or analog controllers. The Locations Workshop is obtainable now in beta type on Steam’s Early Entry.