Fb needs to detect slang earlier than it's widespread

Facebook wants to detect slang before it's popular

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It is tough to catch slang whereas it is nonetheless leading edge. Until you are in the fitting social circles, you will in all probability hear that lingo when it hits the mainstream… in different phrases, when it is already moveé. Fb may need a strategy to catch these phrases whereas they’re nonetheless hip, although. It acquired a patent for social glossary know-how that may detect slang, acronyms and different neologisms. The conceptual software program would search for phrases that do not have a recognized which means (together with acquainted phrases out of context) and add them to the glossary if applicable. It’d even pull phrases out of the glossary in the event that they fall out of favor — say, describing one thing as “completely tubular” whenever you’re not an ’80s-period surfer.

The code would make a remark of the social teams utilizing that slang based mostly on every little thing from location to widespread traits like age. Whereas it might routinely add phrases by itself, Fb raises the potential for polling customers to determine whether or not or not their turns of phrase ought to get official recognition.

That is only a patent, and there is no telling whether or not or not Fb will ever use it. Nevertheless, it might come in useful for each you and the social community. If Fb can perceive what you are saying (even when your mother and father cannot), it may give you extra related information articles or decide your temper. Sure, it may be used to ship extra focused advertisements, however it could possibly be worthwhile if it determines whether or not somebody is a trendsetter or simply one other Gretchen-from-Imply-Women wannabe.

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