Extremely Dexterous Robotic Can Fold Balloon Animals, Shut Zip-Ties

The Terminator: The Skynet Funding Invoice is handed. The system goes on-line November 14th, 2014. Human selections are faraway from strategic balloon animal-making. Skynet begins to study at a geometrical price. It turns into self-conscious at 2:14 a.m. Japanese time, November thirtieth. In a panic, they attempt to pull the plug. Sarah Connor: Skynet fights again. The Terminator: Sure. It folds eight balloon fish utilizing extremely delicate and delicate pads. It launches the balloons towards the targets in Russia. John Connor: Why assault Russia? Aren’t they our associates now? The Terminator: As a result of Skynet is aware of the Russian counter-assault will get rid of its enemies over right here. The balloon animals fall over Moscow, destroying Purple Sq.. The Russian robots start pulling zip-ties with their 4 actuators. The delicacy surprises everybody. The corporate that made the robots, RE2, referred to as them Extremely Dexterous Manipulation System or HDMS. As soon as they discovered to ticket people with a feather and punctiliously tie a toddler’s footwear, it was over. The people have been almost worn out. Include me if you wish to reside.

by way of Spectrum