Do you need to crowdfund a Jay & Silent Bob recreation?

Do you want to crowdfund a Jay & Silent Bob game?

Coming simply fifteen years after the guide was (initially) closed on the View Askewniverse, Kevin Smith is (lastly) making a Jay and Silent Bob online game. Jay and Silent Bob: Continual Blunt Punch! is a 2.5D multiplayer aspect-scrolling tag-group brawler within the fashion of Citadel Crashers that is being produced by Interabang Leisure. In it, Jay and his hereto life mate Silent Bob are on a mission to seek out their lengthy-misplaced clients, trapped inside a brand new shopping center in a neighboring city.

The sport is at present being crowdfunded on Fig, a platform that permits individuals to truly spend money on the titles that they again. Up to now, solely conventional rewards are being provided however the firm guarantees that, ought to SEC submitting undergo, buyers also can get in on the motion. For those who’re that engaged with the notion of creating a Jay and Silent Bob flavored aspect-scrolling beat ‘em up in 2016, you’ll be able to spend $10,000 and get a stroll-on in Kevin Smith’s subsequent film. If you have not gotten mad wealthy promoting blunts to mallrats, then you’ll be able to seize a replica of the sport for $18.

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