Crashing this eighty-megapixel drone digital camera is a $60K mistake

Crashing this 80-megapixel drone camera is a $60K mistake

Part One has debuted what it is calling “the world’s smallest” eighty-megapixel medium format digital camera. The Part One iXU one hundred eighty weighs simply two kilos and its physique is barely greater than the Schneider-Kreuznach lense it is hooked up to. Meaning the complete rig is mild sufficient to suit aboard the gyroscopes of most commercially obtainable quadcopters and ultralight UAVs. What’s extra, the IR-succesful iXU one hundred eighty could be employed as both a standalone gadget akin to a GoPro or as a part of a multi-digital camera array.

Based on Gizmag, the iXU one hundred eighty will sport a $60,000 price ticket — and that is only for the physique, lenses are additional — which means it is not geared for weekend pilots. As an alternative, Part One envisions skilled photographers, authorities businesses and enterprise customers for purposes like producing excessive-decision 3D metropolis fashions or conducting aerial surveys in distant areas. Both method, you are going to need to just remember to’re piloting expertise are as much as snuff earlier than sending 60 grand’s value of digital camera gear into the wild blue yonder.

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