Comcast, Stop Scamming Me So I Can Stop Scamming You

Comcast, Stop Scamming Me So I Can Stop Scamming You

Have you ever ever ever heard anyone excited to get Comcast service? In truth not. That’s like being excited for a hernia operation.

Proper right here’s my hernia operation: yearly or so I’ve to do a dance with Comcast. You perceive, feigning the intention to surrender their service. The so-known as trial interval on my TV and Net package deal deal ended, inflicting my bill to only about double from $ninety a month to $100 sixty a month. So I’ve to surrender. Or on the very least say I’m going to surrender. Every the lowly purchaser retention affiliate and I do know I’m not going to surrender. I hate doing it however it really works and it’s in all probability probably the most irritating issue on the earth.

The choice goes one factor like this. Let’s identify the Comcast rep Ted. I’m talking in a mushy and sad voice.

Me: “Hey there, my bill is simply too extreme so I’ve to cancel my service.”

Ted: “Oh I’m sorry to take heed to that. Let me take a look at your bill.”

Me: “Okay, nevertheless I doubt there’s one thing you’ll be able to do.”

Ted: “I see you’re on the digital extended plus main package deal cope with Xfinity Net with speedboost and extra bloatware. That’s an outstanding package deal deal. Nevertheless you don’t have the home phone service.”

Me: “I don’t need the phone service.”

Ted: “Positive you do.”

Me: “I truly don’t.”

Ted: “Okay, I hear you. They make me ask.”

Me: “Constructive.”

Ted: “Matt, I’m sorry to take heed to you could depart and I’ll do one thing to take care of you as a purchaser. What will it take?”

Me: “Correctly, I don’t know, maybe within the occasion you drop the price once more proper right down to beneath $100. I don’t need HBO or one thing earlier the important Net.”

Ted: “Okay, let me go ask my supervisor. We have a specific I might be able to work you into.”

Me: “Thanks.”

Ted: “Good news, Matt. My supervisor snuck you into the super digital enhanced package deal cope with 25 Mbps [note – he says megabytes, though] Xfinity Net with speedboost and extra bloatware. It’s similar to your totally different package deal deal nevertheless we’re throwing in rather more digital channels. How is that, Matt?”

Me: “Sounds good. Thanks, pal.”

Ted: “We need to sign you up for the digital home phone service too.”

Me: “No thanks.”

See, that’s the difficulty, Comcast. That’s the reason no one likes you. It’s because you strain people to tear-off you to get out of being scammed.

Comcast is the one selection outdoor of satellite tv for pc television for laptop in my area. Spherical me, each neighborhood has a particular cable provider. Some have Comcast, some have Structure and some have municipal cable firms. I prolonged to remain in an area the place rivals is allowed and fiber is obtainable. I’m not alone. This could be a widespread grievance and a normal apply. Primarily if I didn’t do this dance – which on a regular basis works – I’d immediately pay double. It’s like going to the gasoline station and abruptly prices are $6 a gallon just for you – nevertheless you’ll get a discount within the occasion you whine to the person behind the bulletproof glass. Why does this have to happen?

In truth the company does this for income and the simple actuality they’re allowed to value their service as they see match. And that’s good! Go capitalism! That’s not the problem. Comcast merely does not care adequate about its subscribers to institute truthful pricing. Wi-fi carriers cannot get away with this rip-off. Insurance coverage protection firms cannot each. Every of their markets are aggressive adequate to drive the companies to compete on pricing and choices. Nevertheless when areas sign over their souls to a single cable provider, the residences endure and the companies win.

In Ryan Block’s infamous identify with Comcast, the rep he spoke with was clearly merely doing his job in doing regardless of it takes to take care of a Comcast purchaser. Not one of many snicker line he delivered immediate that Comcast wanted Ryan as a purchaser, they solely wanted Ryan’s money. Cope with your shoppers with respect from beginning to end, and the revenue will adjust to.

Check out T-Mobile. The company is billing itself as a result of the “uncarrier” and is aggressively selling its new insurance coverage insurance policies. No contracts. Good selection of telephones. Excellent pricing. And it’s working. The company is recovering.

Sadly, Comcast doesn’t need to reinvent itself like T-Mobile. The company is already the very best cable provider inside the nation is making an attempt to buy its closest competitor. Comcast is swimming in coin like Scrooge McDuck. From an investor’s perspective, the company should broaden its practices. They’re clearly working good.

Nevertheless proper right here I am. Proper right here you are. We don’t have another decisions. It’s each give Comcast a fortune or… give Comcast a fortune.

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin