Clickers Beware: 'CrashSafari' Hyperlinks Will Kill Your iPhone

Pranksters on the social net are sending individuals to an internet site that causes smartphones to crash — so that you may need to maintain off on clicking or tapping random hyperlinks immediately.

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Don’t be concerned, it is not some crucial bug that Apple or Google must patch — it is simply peculiar webpage elements used maliciously to overload nearly any browser.

The web site, (and — for sure, do not go to both), provides numbers to the tackle bar as quick as it will possibly —, then /01, then /012, /0123, and ultimately /0123456789101112131415… and so forth. Every time it provides a quantity, that web page is saved to your historical past — and it provides up quick.

Clickers Beware: 'CrashSafari' Links Will Kill Your iPhone Clickers Beware: 'CrashSafari' Links Will Kill Your iPhone

How your browser historical past will take care of visiting Crashsafari. This record goes on for a lot of, many pages. Devin Coldewey / NBC Information

This historical past and URL overload leads cellular browsers to crash and desktop ones to hold (You must nonetheless have the ability to drive-give up the appliance if it is stalling). "What have been you anticipating?" reads the one textual content on the web page.

Clicking on the nefarious hyperlink might end result to a serious annoyance — unsaved knowledge might be misplaced — nevertheless it’s unlikely to trigger any lasting injury to your gadget.

The bug is previous, however the joke is new, so train warning in following hyperlinks till the jokers in your on-line acquaintance tire of sending buddies’ telephones into dying spirals. Like some other joke hyperlink (a "Rickroll," for instance), this one could also be disguised with an URL shortener like or bitly.