CES 2015

Get Someplace with Hovertrax

If laziness was a sport, the gear can be the Hovertrax. You step up onto the foot pads, tip your ft ahead, and two motorized wheels carry you round whereas gyroscopes auto-stability the Hovertrax so that you don’t fall off.

What’s hilarious is simply how informal you look driving it. You’re principally standing upright whereas cruising as much as eight miles at 5 miles per hour on a single cost.

On sale for $995, although, I don’t know who’s going to purchase it. And neither does SoloWheel, the corporate who makes it. I requested and their consultant informed me they’ve seen it purchased for teenagers as a toy, for adults to journey lengthy indoor distances like at airports, and for work to jet round warehouses.

CES 2015

The lean-based mostly controls have been surprisingly reactive and I didn’t need for extra energy. Nonetheless, I don’t assume any quantity of driving would make you are feeling such as you weren’t about to faceplant. Standing up straight and ahead looks like too precarious of a place to journey safely round visitors or any sort of floor turbulence.

The Hovertrax squarely lands within the “enjoyable to experience for 5 minutes at a gadget convention, insane to purchase” class.