Caption Contest: Bakebot learns to truly bake issues, feed the looming robotic military

Caption Contest: Bakebot learns to actually bake things, feed the looming robot army

Aww, look! Bakebot’s soooo cute! He is truly cooking issues nowadays, because of MIT grad scholar Mario Bollini, who lately upped the creature’s talent degree in an effort to seize extra energy with much less effort. Little did he know, nevertheless, that educating a self-contained machine the way to feed the future rebellion wasn’t precisely one of the best lengthy-time period transfer. No, that creeping feeling of worry is not unwarranted.

Darren: “01001111 01001101 01000111 00100000 01000011 01001111 01001111 01001011 01001001 01000101 01010011!” Terrence: “Bakebot’s classes with the grasp chef have been going so properly, till his Bork to binary translator failed” Brian: “Bakebot love kitten. Bakebot eat kitten.” Brad: “Stephanie! Johnny no add vanilla!” Sean: “It is so unfair! I’ve eight different senses, however I might commerce all of them — even smision — to have the ability to style.” Christopher: “Rachel Ray hit a wall with 15 minute meals, so we discovered a quicker, extra charismatic alternative. Meet Rachel Quantity 5.” Michael: “Right here I assumed the robotic apocalypse can be powered by nuclear fusion and laser beams, seems it’s going to be operating on profiteroles and scrumptious muffins.” Jon: “I am toasting bread in my head proper now…significantly” Zach: “You need me to put on a what? Why do not you making an attempt sticking a fan in your scalp. Then you’ll be able to inform me to put on a hairnet.” Joseph: “How do ya like my ganache now, Martha???” Daniel: “A robotic might not injure a cupcake or, via inaction, permit a cupcake to return to hurt.” Richard Lai: “How do you want them cookies, Firefox?” Jose: “How am I supposed so as to add a teaspoon of sugar with this underperforming Kinect digital camera?” Kevin: “Sufficient with the muffins, what was Leia saying about our solely hope?” Dana: “I. Love. A. Little. Bourbon. In. My. Cookies. Do not. You.” Richard Lawler: “Dying to all people. Candy, scrumptious, chocolatey… demise.” Don: “Simply do not name him Iron Chef. He hates that.” Billy: “Ace of Muffins was canceled as a result of I annihilated the host.. now I need to weaponize that Millennium Falcon cake.” Zachary: “Jobless MIT grad narrowly avoids soup kitchen, emerges from basement with alternative mom.”

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Caption Contest: Bakebot learns to actually bake things, feed the looming robot army

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