Capcom Cellular rips off 'Splosion Man for MaXplosion

Capcom Mobile rips off 'Splosion Man for MaXplosion

“Holy crap, Splosion Man obtained launched for iPhone? How did I miss that?”

We will forgive your confusion as you take a look at the above display and the video under the leap, however no, it isn’t ‘Splosion Man, regardless of how a lot each single considered one of your senses might attest to that reality. No, that is MaXplosion, an iPhone recreation dumped on iTunes late final week.

Prepared for the craziest bit? This is not some fly-by-night time Korean developer working out of some dude’s basement as you may need assumed. No, that is all Capcom Cellular, which is … disappointing, to say the least.

Talking on his private Twitter account, Twisted Pixel programmer Mike Henry stated “MaXplosion gameplay video makes me unhappy. If you are going to outright steal a recreation, you must no less than perceive what makes it enjoyable.”

Pay attention Capcom, we all know copycatting is rampant on the App Retailer, however … you are Capcom for crying out loud! Should not you be higher than that?