Canadian middle-schoolers rank pretty extreme for laptop literacy

Canadian middle-schoolers rank pretty high for computer literacy

Together with making fantastic poutine and maple syrup, our nice neighbors to the north are moreover pretty adept at prepping school college students for the long run we keep in too. The Worldwide Laptop Literacy Analysis recently checked out 60,000 eighth graders from Ontario and assessed their proficiencies at copying and saving a doc together with modifying info and using a handful of functions concurrently. The CBC says that’s the main worldwide verify of its sort, and that the Canucks scored 547 out of 600 in laptop literacy — rather a lot larger than the standard score of 500. What’s additional, it’s in a “statistical tie” with Australia and the Czech Republic for the very best spot.If the CEO of the Education Top quality and Accountability Office is to be believed, this could be a direct outcomes of Ontario’s investments in putting know-how inside the classroom. Maybe SimCity can switch into the Good White North’s classroom and follow up the next set of civil engineers, too.

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Canadian middle-schoolers rank pretty high for computer literacy

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