Can Blackberry Catch A Break?

Can Blackberry Catch A Break?

Blackberry merely launched the Primary, a phone that seems warped into 2014 by means of 2009. Whereas by all rights it appears to be robust QWERTY reply in a non-QWERTY world, it’s hilarious that the company launched their latest and largest on the eve of what is perhaps the opening of the Cuban embargo and, additional needed, giant upheaval in definitely one among Blackberry’s foremost markets, Russia and Central Europe.

Nevertheless Blackberry hasn’t caught many breaks in an prolonged whereas. The Passport was greeted with jeers – Joanna Stern on the WSJ was notably piquant – and I doubt anyone can determine new models as a result of the ailing-fated Playbook. Briefly, Blackberry has been on a treadmill. They’ve been getting leaner, to make sure, nevertheless they haven’t been getting anyplace.

All is simply not misplaced just because they launched their new phone on all through events of good geopolitical tumult. The holidays are fast approaching and there the 2015 fiscal yr may open up new avenues for fleet purchases of the Primary. Blackberry may also be thought-about a popular enterprise phone overseas. Every Blackberry and Apple are thought-about luxurious models, aimed towards individuals with barely extra money and just a bit additional cachet. And permit us to not overlook the scores of execs with a Blackberry for work e-mail and an iPhone for play, a sort of technological mullet.

I’ve prolonged said that BB is doomed nevertheless this, coupled with an excellent new CEO, may ship them out of their dying spiral. Not they solely have to see about that .05% market share. And hope that Cuba is looking out for cool new smartphones.

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