Calling the Avengers! DARPA Wants ‘Aircraft Carriers inside the Sky’

A authorities firm must assemble flying aircraft carriers. No, it is not S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s DARPA, the similar safety evaluation firm that is funding "Karate Youngster"-succesful robots. DARPA has put out a reputation for people who may help them assemble one factor to "carry, launch and recuperate" drones inside the air. "We have to uncover strategies to make smaller aircraft easier, and one promising idea is enabling current big aircraft, with minimal modification, to show into ‘aircraft carriers inside the sky’,” Dan Patt, DARPA program supervisor, said in a press launch. Whereas it’s satisfying to consider the Helicarrier from "The Avengers," this is ready to be one factor smaller, like a tweaked C-100 thirty transport plane. The first drawback is creating know-how which will allow drones to take off and land on a shifting aircraft — all for a reasonable worth, in reality. Merely in case your determine is Tony Stark, submissions for ideas are due correct spherical Thanksgiving.



— Keith Wagstaff
First revealed November 12 2014, 9:forty one AM