Benefit from a terrifying 10,000 foot GoPro digital digital camera freefall

Enjoy a terrifying 10,000 foot GoPro camera freefall

Acquired your dramamine and/or hallucinogenics? Each will work for the latest video starring a hard, nevertheless not-very-correctly-attached GoPro digital digital camera. Its proprietor misplaced it all through a skydiving formation gone mistaken, and it continued the rest of the ten,000 ft down with out him, spinning crazily your complete technique. Nevertheless the digital digital camera and video survived and have been picked up by a resident of Kristianstad, Sweden, who figured it had been sitting in a meadow “for a lot of years.” He posted it on YouTube (beneath) to hunt out the rightful proprietor, and the trick labored — it was claimed by a parachutist from an in depth-by flying membership. Sadly, it moreover gave the online a horrific new falling dream.

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Enjoy a terrifying 10,000 foot GoPro camera freefall

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