Behind Amazon's Silk browser lurks a very quick supercomputer

Behind Amazon's Silk browser lurks a really fast supercomputer

We have been hardly shocked to see Fujitsu atop the newest record of the world’s quickest supercomputers, however maybe extra shocking is the truth that Amazon cracked the highest 50, as nicely. Seems, the corporate’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers are powered by a Linux-based mostly, 240-teraflop beast that boasts 17,024 cores, sixty six,000 GB of reminiscence, and a ten gigabit Ethernet interconnect. That is good for forty second place on Prime 500’s international rankings, and it is also ok to energy Silk, the browser you will discover on the Kindle Hearth. However Amazon has an extended method to go earlier than catching up with the Fujitsu Okay, which lately cracked that vaunted ten petaflop barrier.