Area Shuttle Atlantis palms-on: a glance inside (video)

Space Shuttle Atlantis hands-on: a look inside (video)

Area Shuttles Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise have all left Kennedy Area Middle for brand spanking new houses, however Atlantis? She’s staying. Come November 2nd, the orbiter shall be wheeled out to a sixty five,000-sq.-foot exhibit, which continues to be being constructed at KSC’s customer complicated. Although the craft’s cargo bay doorways might be open and its distant manipulator arm prolonged when its displayed, guests will not have the ability to climb aboard it — or any of the opposite shuttles, for that matter. Nevertheless, we obtained the prospect to go to Bay 2 of the Orbiter Processing Facility, step inside Atlantis and provides it the palms-on remedy. Look out under for the gallery or hit the leap for the complete video tour.%Gallery-167574%

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Space Shuttle Atlantis hands-on: a look inside (video)

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