Amazon's Echo speaker needs to play video games with you

Amazon's Echo speaker wants to play games with you

Amazon appears sure and decided to not let its web-related wünderspeaker, the Echo, fall prey to the identical destiny because the Hearth TV and Hearth Telephone. Good on Jeff Bezos for that. In case you are already bored of the gadget studying you information headlines and discovering restaurant information for you, now the gizmo’s Alexa app will play video games and even inform you how a lot fuel you might have left in your automotive. Video games embrace Bingo; trivia; basic math puzzles and even rock, paper, scissors. As Android Central factors out, the automotive stuff is obtainable by way of a 3rd-social gathering answer, dubbed Automated, that interfaces together with your automotive by way of a $one hundred adapter. With that, you’ll be able to ask questions on how far you drove lately or what your fuel gauge is sitting at. Or you might, you realize, take a look at your instrument cluster. It is as much as you!