A minesweeping robotic boat will shield the Navy’s costly new child

A minesweeping robot boat will protect the Navy's expensive new baby

We first heard the Navy was creating a minesweeping robotic boat final yr, however now it is nearer to a actuality. Dubbed the Unmanned Affect Sweep System (UISS), it’s going to accompany the Navy’s new, excessive-tech Littoral Fight Ship (LCS) to discover and detonate explosives in suspected minefields. The Navy tapped Textron Methods final September to develop a UISS prototype for 2016, together with six full ships by 2019. Whereas it isn’t our army’s first robotic vessel, it might find yourself being one of many first that is greater than a glorified patrol ship.

The united states will principally be the LCS’s minesweeping buddy. It makes use of an acoustic generator and a magnetic cable to trick mines into considering it is a a lot bigger ship. Naturally, the united states ought to be capable of take main blasts — at the very least extra so than the Littoral Fight Ship, which might be sunk with only a single anti-ship missile. The LCS is not meant for giant-scale naval battles, although; as an alternative it is designed for tackling small quick-assault boats in waters too shallow for greater ships. Even so, the truth that it could actually’t actually take successful has come underneath criticism because it value a whopping $37 billion to develop.

[Photo: A UISS prototype/U.S Navy]

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