A drunk intelligence employee crashed that drone close to the White Home

A drunk intelligence worker crashed that drone near the White House

Whenever you heard that somebody crash-landed a drone on the White Home’s grounds at 3AM on a Monday morning, did you believe you studied that the pilot was hammered? Nicely, you are proper. Officers have revealed that the operator was a drunk Nationwide Geospatial-Intelligence Company employee who determined that the center of a chilly night time was a nice time to fly his good friend’s drone (a DJI Phantom, proven above) close to the President’s house turf. He did not understand what he’d executed till his buddies advised him that his escapades have been everywhere in the information. Give credit score to this unnamed man for doing the best factor afterwards, although — he notified each his employer and the Secret Service to set their minds comfy.

It is good to know that the incident was simply the results of having an excessive amount of to drink, though it does underscore the White Home’s present lack of ability to deal with drone incursions. At two ft throughout, the Phantom would not have been noticed by a radar system designed to detect common plane and missiles. If the White Home’s defenders need to shield towards much more sinister makes use of of drones, they will need to replace their know-how, enhance their perimeter patrols, or each.

[Image credit: US Secret Service]

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