4G or Bust: Verizon Begins Phasing Out 3G

It appears to be like Verizon has begun phasing out 3G. In New York Metropolis and 9 totally different metropolitan areas, bandwidth that was initially reserved for 3G is now getting used for 4G-LTE. The model new 4G layer was initially reported on by GigaOm and confirmed to NBC Info by a Verizon spokesperson. People with older telephones don’t ought to enhance … however. A Verizon spokesperson suggested NBC Info that the company will "assist our 3G group by way of the highest of the final decade, and we’ll assist our shoppers by means of the transition." After the iPhone 5 was launched with 4G connectivity in 2012, the decline of slower 3G appeared inevitable. Verizon launched its 4G group in 2010. Whereas there are numerous people who use 3G models, most new telephones and tablets launched by most important producers like Apple and Samsung are configured to work on a 4G group.



— Keith Wagstaff
First revealed December 5 2014, 10:01 AM