14 beginner CubeSats set to launch June twenty eighth

14 amateur CubeSats set to launch June 28thIn info constructive to please space geeks across the globe (ourselves included), 14 CubeSats from ten universities and one private agency are set to launch June twenty eighth aboard a Russian DNEPR-1LV rocket from the Kazakstan Baikonur Cosmodrome, it was merely launched as we converse. CubeSats are primarily DIY kits that could be constructed for about $forty,000 and launched for a further $forty,000 additional, opening up space evaluation to school college students and totally different amateurs. (We’re nonetheless saving up for the Engadget sat which will datacast our web site on all varieties of crazy pirate frequencies.) The mission had been set with loads of a delays, nevertheless it appears to be like this one is definitely a go — or a minimal of as constructive an element as you’ll get when it comes to space exploration. A second launch is already inside the planning ranges, tentatively set for September of this yr.

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14 amateur CubeSats set to launch June 28th

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