10 cool issues you are able to do with Wolfram Alpha and Siri

10 cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha and Siri

Steve Sande and I’ve been collaborating on “Speaking to Siri,” an e-book that only recently hit the Kindle retailer. It is a how-to that may show you how to get probably the most completed together with your Siri clever assistant. We’re sharing a few of our favourite ideas with TUAW readers.

In the present day, we’re taking a look at Siri’s Wolfram Alpha integration. You possibly can drive Siri to make use of Wolfram by prefixing your request with “Wolfram.” For instance, you may say, “Wolfram, what’s the sq. root of two?” or “Wolfram, graph x-squared plus three.”

10 cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha and Siri

However there’s much more that you are able to do with Wolfram than simply math. Listed here are ten of our favourite Wolfram searches. These spotlight the pliability of this superb info useful resource.

  • Roll a Random Quantity. Say “Wolfram, random integer.” Wolfram returns a random worth between zero and one thousand. “Wolfram, random quantity” supplies a zero to 1 floating level worth.
  • Lookup nature information. Say, “Wolfram, what’s the scientific identify of a mountain lion?” It is Puma concolor. Rabbits are Leporidae, and Peacocks, Galliformes.
  • Examine upcoming holidays. Say, “What number of days till Thanksgiving?” This returns each the variety of days in addition to a useful calendar so you’ll be able to chart out the time till then.
  • Create a safe password. Say “Wolfram, password.” Wolfram generates a troublesome-to-crack eight-character password. Scroll down for alternates. For those who want an extended password, you possibly can append these collectively.
  • Convert textual content to Morse code. Say, “What’s Morse code for horsefeathers?” You will see your complete sequence laid out on your tapping pleasure.
  • Verify your weight loss plan. Say, “What number of energy in a small apple?” Wolfram will inform you that there are seventy five.
  • Ask out about time zones. Say, “Wolfram, what’s the native time in Jakarta?”
  • Question about your possibilities. Say, “Wolfram, what’s the chance of a full home?” For a random 5-card hand, it is apparently 1 in 694.
  • Have enjoyable with popular culture. Say, “What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?” or “Wolfram, who shot the sheriff?”
  • Visualize colours. Okay, I’ve saved the most effective for final. When you work with colours, this could prevent a number of time. Say, “Wolfram pound signal E 9 7 four 5 1″ (for Burnt Sienna / Tangerine) or “Wolfram pound signal 2 9 A B eight 7″ (for Jungle Inexperienced). This may even convert the colours to RGB values and lookup intently-matching model colours from Benjamin Moore. Be sure to scroll right down to catch all of the useful info.
  • 10 cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha and Siri

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    10 cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha and Siri

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